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Author Topic:   How I stopped my bladder infections
posted 20-10-2002 01:53 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for greglnewman     Edit/Delete Message
Hi everybody, First time to post.

I've been a T10 paraplegic since April 1973. After the 2nd year, I began having the notorious paraplegic bladder infection. (Chronic, they said.) I've had Ampicillin a long time, then later Septra DS & Cipro were required to take out the bad bug as it had become sensitive to everything. I still remember when the doc said, You need a new drug as this one won't last long before it's not effective and at that point it can kill you. I'm thankful 2 more came along.

I used to get meds every other month. They'd cure me but 10 days later I'd have another raging infection with urine that was dark yellow and very smelly. Fact is, I could have gone to the doc the first of each month for meds. (I didn't take any 'preventative' pills.) I tried to deal with it by taking expensive cranberry pills ($$$). Those worked fairly well when I took Nature's Herbs Concentrate; but not every time or with every bug.

But now ... it's been 1 1/2 years since I've had to take meds!! No meds. No cranberry pills. Since June 2001 till now I have been free of meds.

What I did: (Gave up milk & began decaf green tea and no steak except early enough in the day to wash it out of the system with tons of good tea)

It started in June when I came down with a bad infection one morning after having eaten a lot of corn flakes with whole milk the night before around midnight. Twenty nine years and I had never made the connection between milk and my infections. But that day I did. So I said, Greg, you've tried to eliminate a lot of things from your diet to stop bladder infections: especially the four C's: alCohol, Caffeine, Carbonated water and hot spiCes. Now it's time you tried giving up milk. So from that day on I gave up milk and began drinking strong decaf green tea -- a half gallon a day.

After the 1st month, I noticed I hadn't got sick with an infection yet. And the infection I had had at the beginning of June had gone away early on. So I kept up the regimen and told no one.

After 3 months, I was so happy because I didn't get one single bladder infection and my urine was actually close to the color of water the first time in 28 years. Clear, clean urine! Wow. So happy.

After 6 months I decided to get an infection and see if I could get rid of it. I knew one way I got bladder infections was from eating a lot of steak late at night and letting it set on my stomach (because a lot of it seems to be conducive to e coli and it sure makes the urine stink). Doing that plus not drinking very much water and no tea at all for 3 days and maybe a glass or two of milk, I was back into a raging infection. Urine was dark yellow to orange again and painful to pass making my legs jump like frogs legs.

Then I applied "my treatment". No milk, no steak (e coli carrier), just good decaf green tea. I will eat steak early in the day but not more than 2 times a month max, instead opting for chicken because I never have any bad symptoms after eating chicken. Even my urine doesn't stink like it does with steak. Steak ruins my leg bags real fast because they pick up the smell.

Well, the treatment (decaf tea, no steak) worked. In fact, I let myself get infected 3 more times so far just to test the theory and each time my urine has returned to clear as water and clean with no particles in it.

My leg bags last a whole month if I want them to. Used to I had to change them every 3 days. Ever THREE days!! Yes sir! Because they stunk so bad. Wow. Now I could get sick, maybe eat some steak so they stink real bad, then go on my green tea milkless steakless diet and I have found that not only does the urine clear up but the leg bags actually quit smelling.

This is now my 17th month of no drugs, no meds, no health pills: just green tea, no milk, very little morning steak, mostly chicken for meat. My urine is so clean, so clear. In fact, for the first 3 months anytime family would come over I would pull my leg bag out and show them, "Hey look, look what happened. I don't have any more infections. No more orange juice looking urine! No more pills. I'm so happy!" They were kind to not tell me to stop it. I couldn't help it. It's been a severe problem for 28 years and now I know what to do.

I have told only a few people. I have told my doctor(s) yet. They prob wonder why I quit taking meds all the time for it. Maybe they think I go to another doctor.

I'm telling this as my story. Of course, I'm not a doctor as in MD or AMA, so realize that. But I know this works for me and it might for you.

Important points: if you are on meds, don't stop them to try this yet. First consult your doctor that you want to give it a try. Green tea is harmless. You can find substitutes for the calcium you won't get from milk anymore. If you give up steak, you might need some substitutes for that too, especially if you get your iron & protein that way. So there's a lot to it. Age could be important as well. I'm 40's and very healthy.

Also, two of my former doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I told them about it because they said when you drink milk it is systemic, meaning that it doesn't go straight into your bladder from your stomach. So I said, well then, that just means that it's not "milk" per say in the bladder causing the problems but what the milk has become, the end-result of the digestion of the milk, that ends up in the bladder. Those end-results, what's left over and deposited in the bladder, THOSE components must be conducive to bladder infections. Whatever milk becomes when broken down by digestion processes, that part that ends up in the bladder is conducive to bladder infections. There was no argument on that. You may hear the same thing about milk digestion being systemic.

I believe like steak, milk carries it's own "digestive end-products" that end up in the bladder and make it easier for e coli and such things to flourish in the bladder.

So I don't eat much steak anymore and I don't drink hardly any milk either. Milk especially not. But I love green tea now.

I have no real infections. (We all have e coli in the intestines, but when it reaches a high number, then it's a problem.)

I have precious few leg spasms from bladder infections.

I certainly do not have ANY more night leg sweats, which once were a nightly affair 2 to 3 years ago. This is one biggy I am also very very happy about because leg sweats drain me of electrolytes and leave me very tired and feeling strange. But NO MORE.

I would like to hear from others who know what I'm talking about or who have questions or comments about this subject. I've tried to be exhaustive, but am sure I have not been as complete as can be.

Feel free to email me or post questions. If I don't post a response, email me there's a new post or something.


posted 07-09-2006 01:23 PM           Edit/Delete Message
very interesting read mate.

i have suffered from kidney scaring and its useful to know what you have done to stop this happening.




posted 11-07-2007 05:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for UKRobin     Edit/Delete Message
Ive been a SCI since 1976 each time ive had a bladder infection i have just drunk gallons of water, it always clears up.

Robin Because we care


posted 17-11-2008 02:57 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for southsideac     Edit/Delete Message
i have drawn the same connection between milk and bladder infections. i was under the assumption it was growth hormones in the milk. the kind of chemicals they pump in these cows you know.


glockness monsta
posted 18-03-2010 09:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for glockness monsta     Edit/Delete Message
neat, i must try this


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